Subject Information

The teacher for this subject is Nic Kocher

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Nic is available for consultations between 10am-12pm on Wednesdays by appointment.

Nic is based in room Tutors 1.

Subject objective and content

This subject will explore the conceptual and practical application of ‘new media’ across different lens based genres and a range of digital practices. This will expose you to contemporary forms of visual media including moving image, experimental practices, sound, interactive storytelling and installation. This subject will focus on how these forms are utilised, integrated and reinterpreted. An important focus of this subject will be the exploration of emerging approaches to new media and the construction of digital narrative and storytelling practices.

Learning outcomes 

On completion of this subject, you will be able to:

a) analyse and critically reflect on the dynamics of media and emerging technologies in contemporary culture and in relation to professional practice

b) Integrate conceptual requirements and technical control in the application of a variety of digital media platforms.

c) Research and apply contemporary media and emerging technologies in in the context of current professional practice

d) create a digital narrative and implement professional standards in the production of a contemporary media project


Teaching methods and strategies

In order to successfully complete this subject, you will be required to attend a series of weekly classes, which will include readings, class discussions, technical demonstrations and exercises. In addition, time will be spent reflecting upon and developing ideas for innovative approaches and contemporary utilisation of new media; whether that is in the form of combining various techniques, utilising moving image, sound or other hybrid media forms. New Media art often involves collaboration, the free sharing of ideas and expressions, and frequently addresses the political ramifications of technology around issues of identity, commercialisation, and the public domain. Class discussions and presentations will introduce you to relevant key concepts, approaches and trends. Through this subject you will undertake work that addresses the new, shows creative use and application of conceptual development, and that is consistent with an understanding of the materials, technologies and standards used in current industry practice.

Reading and Discussion