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Zo Damage - Image Makers Seminar

Zo Damage - Image Makers Seminar

by Adnan Selimanovic -
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Zo Damage – Live Music Photographer

Photography Studies College (Melbourne) is proud to present Live Band photographer Zo Damage.
Internationally acclaimed Melbourne photographer Zo Gay, better known as Zo Damage, has been documenting the underground live music scene for over a decade.

Zo's dense catalogue presents the scene in a way that is emotionally honest and captures the rawness of live performance. With a number of solo exhibitions under her belt, Zo has also curated a number of group exhibitions. Zo’s atmospheric, low-light black and white photographs bristle with the raw energy of a great gig where performer and audience become a continuous feed loop.

Her themed solo exhibitions have become a fixture on Melbourne’s exhibition circuit and continue to provide inspiration to both industry professionals and the wider public. — Carolyn Laffan, Curator (Music), Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre Melbourne.

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